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I’m A Naturopathic Doctor and This is How I Calm My Mind.

Serving the world as a doctor, educator, owner/CEO of a medical practice, and taking care of my family is sometimes more challenging than rewarding. Every day there are stressors and urgent matters, and somehow, I try to remain calm, grounded, and rational through it all.

Here are the top natural strategies I use to calm my mind through the various stressors:

Release Control

Years ago, I realized my biggest calm-disruptor was fighting for control of situations I wasn’t meant to control. I still have to tell myself “Let go and trust God,” to avoid pride or insecurity leading me into an unwanted outcome or new problems. It has taken decades to understand this concept, but I’m calmer when I accept that It is what it is.

Nourish the Brain + Adrenals

Nutrition is a huge aspect of keeping my nervous system regulated and programmed for calmness. Foods such as green tea, nuts/seeds, eggs, fresh vegetables, and whole grainsboost brain hormones like serotonin and GABA; which, help our body feel more calm and relaxed. Additionally, I take daily supplements like Rae Destress and Multivitamin capsules that also promote calmness and well-being.


Mindfulness helps me to recognize when I’m stressed and what to do about it. Sometimes I need a good workout, and other times I feel better when I simply do yin-yoga or breath-work exercises. At times I need a big hug and a friend to talk to, and other times I need to be alone to reflect. With mindfulness, it’s not about having a set routine or action you always do, but rather, tuning in to what you need most at that moment.

Retreat to Nature

I love nature and retreating to green spaces always calms my mind immediately. I often take weekend trips to go hiking in the forest or listen to waves on the beach for calmness and health. I also keep different plants in my office and home to enhance indoor spaces.

Let's be honest - even with these helpful practices, I’m not always calm and poised.

I definitely have my days where I’m a hot mess and the “too blessed to be stressed” mantra seems more like a taunt then inspirational.

This is to say, it’s important to recognize that cultivating daily calmness is easier on some days than others. Like many in this world, I’m a work-in-progress learning to accept all my imperfections. Take solace by remembering to always give yourself compassion and grace, coupled with faith that everything will be better in due time.

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