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New to Dr. Ray?

Please Book Your 30-min. Discovery Call.

Please complete the application below to qualify for a free 30-minute phone call with Dr. Ray.


During your free consult call, you will share your primary health concerns/goals, learn details about the concierge medical programs, and understand how Dr. Ray can help you transform your health with naturopathic medicine. ​​


Please note the following information before booking your call:

  • New patients must first invest in a concierge wellness program to become a patient in the practice.

  • Dr. Ray is a direct cash-based practice and is not contracted with any private health insurances or state-funded insurance.

  • Dr. Ray's medical programs are not insurance or an alternative to healthcare coverage. These are elective primary care medical service.

  • Interest-Free payment plans are available. Ask for details during your call.

  • For Frequently Asked Questions ==> Tap/Click Here to Learn More

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Please Request Your Free Call Below To Become A New Patient:

After submitting your application, please expect a confirmation email within 24 - 48 hours to finalize your booking.

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