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New to Dr. Ray?

Please Book Your 30-min. Discovery Call.

Please complete the application below to qualify for a free phone call with Dr. Ray.


During your free consult call, you will share your primary health concerns/goals, learn details about the concierge medical programs, and understand how Dr. Ray can help you transform your health with naturopathic medicine. ​​


Please note the following information before booking your call:

  • All new patients must first complete a discovery call with Dr. Ray. 

  • Dr. Ray is a direct cash-based practice and is not contracted with any private health insurance or state-funded insurance.

  • Dr. Ray's medical programs and services are not insurance or an alternative to healthcare coverage. These are elective primary care medical services.

  • For Frequently Asked Questions ==> Tap/Click Here to Learn More

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Please Request Your Free Call Below To Become A New Patient:

After submitting your application, please expect a confirmation email within 24 - 48 hours to finalize your booking.

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Working with Dr. Ray

Dr. Ray believes in providing her patients with the best care possible for their individual needs and goals. As such, her medical programs, memberships, and courses are unparalleled for the high-quality and personalized care you will receive.


Dr. Ray deeply understands there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to health. We all have unique health needs and goals. With this in mind, Dr. Ray's practice offers plenty of options to choose the care that best serves you.


When working together, Dr. Ray uses natural treatments, healthy lifestyle modifications, advanced functional lab testing, and many other healing tools to help patients resolve their symptoms. Spirit medicine and indigenous healing practices are vital aspects of care as well.

Plus, patients receive discounts on professional-grade supplements, free health education, and curated wellness resources to help them reach their goals.

Natural Wellness that fits YOU!

Ready for a fresh start?

Let nature transform your health!

Dr. Ray's online course is the perfect wellness program for the self-starter who prefers to take their health into their own hands!

In just 30 days, you will learn the necessary natural wellness tools and education to:

  • Create a personalized daily wellness regimen

  • Restore internal balance

  • Amplify your body's self-healing abilities 

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