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How to Harness Your Hormonal Superpowers with Dr. Ray, ND MS | RAE WELLNESS

How to Harness Your Hormonal Superpowers with Dr. Ray, ND MS | RAE WELLNESS

Hormones are often thought of as something to ‘deal with’ or ‘navigate’, but what if we understood them as superpowers that helped us recognize the good? Dr. Revée “Ray” Barbour, Naturopathic Doctor, joins us to share how to harness your hormones. More on Dr. Ray: ABOUT RAE: Rae is a holistic wellness company that believes in well-being for all. Founded in 2019, Rae Wellness quickly became known as an industry disrupter among consumers. Rae is committed to supporting the well-being of all, and nourishing the body and mind from the inside out. Rae’s universe of supplements is backed by science, addressing women's health concerns such as sexual wellness, hormonal imbalance and mental fatigue. Its products are vegan and free from gluten, added sugar, artificial preservatives, harmful fillers and colorants, giving customers evidence-based solutions that easily fit into one’s everyday routine. Rae donates 5% of all proceeds to nonprofit organizations that support the advancement of women and girls. Rae’s products, which are intended for adults 18+, are available in various formats from capsules to drops to powders. To learn more about Rae and its products, visit or visit your local Target. MORE FROM RAE: Rae Wellness Website - Instagram - TikTok - Twitter - Shine Culture Journal -
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