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Meet Dr. Revée "Ray" Barbour
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Compassionate Care, Personalized Treatments, Transform​ative Results!


  • Do you wish you had a doctor who truly listens and guides you to heal?

  • Are you fed-up with the broken conventional healthcare system and approach?

  • Are you 100% committed to becoming healthier in a natural way?

  • Do you want amazing results and a complete health transformation?

If you answered "yes" to the questions above, then I am the doctor for you!

Dr. Ray's Story

I'm a descendent of a long line of powerful healers tracing back to my West-African indigenous roots through to my Southern upbringing. My first exposure to natural medicine came in the form of my momma and Bigma's home remedies and rootwork. My matriarchs used herbs and other natural therapies as a first-line for healing our family for a variety of ailments. 

Even as a toddler, I always tried to heal and make people feel better. Although my stethoscope and thermometer were plastic Fisher Price toys, in my eyes, they were magical tools capable of sussing out any illness. At that tender age, I knew I was a healer and medicine was my future. 

After witnessing numerous loved-ones receive ineffective and dehumanizing medical care, working in hospitals and other healthcare fields, and battling my own health struggles to no avail...

I knew there had to be a better way to approach medicine and heal the body! 

Thankfully, divine intervention and personal research led me to the wonders of naturopathic medicine. My education to be the best healer I can never ends, and I'm proud to offer my patients the best of Eastern & Western medicine for effective treatments and comprehensive care.

Mission Statement

My mission to this world is to serve as a doctor, teacher, and wellness transformation specialist. Our journey together will restore your health, vigor, and passion so you become your best self yet! I am committed to you, your wellness, achieving phenomenal results!

Training and Education


Dr. Ray attended and graduated from the National University of Natural Medicine with degrees:

  • Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine

  • Masters of Science in Integrative Medicine Research

  • Advanced obstetrics/midwifery certificate in Natural Childbirth

Dr. Ray is a board-licensed California and New Hampshire naturopathic and functional medicine physician who effectively treats and manages many conditions in primary care and beyond.

Clinical Approach

With nearly a decade of clinical practice, Dr. Ray offers patient-centered care to achieve the best outcomes and foster a healing environment that values each patient's needs. 

Dr. Ray's clinical approach is simple: real care with real results! She never accepts the phrase, "I've tried everything." Success is knowing there is ALWAYS something we can do and never giving up!

Our primary care subscriptions and wellness programs are exceptional because Dr. Ray:

  • Removes the frustrating patient care barriers of time, communication, and middle-men. 

  • Provides high-quality, personalized care to address your unique individual needs.

  • Teaches you how to ignite your self-healer within and promote lasting change in your health.

Dr. Ray became a doctor because she believes everyone deserves high-quality care!

It's important to know who you are investing with as a professional ally. Dr. Ray knows your pain because she has experienced the same pain too. She knows how to guide you through the challenges ahead because she has experienced them during her own healing journey. She's here for you and committed to seeing you healed, but you have to be ready and willing to do the work.

You've tried it your way, now it's time to see Dr. Ray!

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