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  • Why Choose Dr. Ray?
    Dr. Ray offers an incomparable approach to healthcare that is transformative, results-driven and patient-centered. You've probably been seeking answers for a long time, and Dr. Ray can help you finally understand the root causes of your symptoms. You've probably tried conventional primary care doctors, medical specialists and even dabbled in trying to heal yourself through your own research; all with little to no improvement in how you feel. Something's gotta give! If you're feeling overwhelmed with information and options, need better answers, and ready to transform your health, then Dr. Ray is your doctor. Dr. Ray is vastly experienced, knowledgeable, innovative, and committed to helping you achieve your best life yet! If you're ready to work together, start by booking a free 30-minute discovery call!
  • Does Dr. Ray Accept My Health Insurance?
    Currently, most health insurances in the state of California and New Hampshire either do not cover naturoapthic doctors (NDs) or limit equitable payouts to NDs. Unfortunately, this limits NDs from being able to bill insurance for naturopathic and functional medical services rendered. Patients are advised to contact their insurance plan to learn if coverage is available for naturopathic doctors as out of network providers. Dr. Ray's practice is a self-pay cash-based model known as "direct elective primary care," which eliminates insurance as a middle-man and allows her to give patients the expansive care they need versus limiting care to only what insurance will cover. If you have an insurance plan with a HSA/FSA account, Dr. Ray is able to accept payments from those accounts in the form of a HSA/FSA benefits card. Please check with your insurance provider for HSA/FSA terms of usage. Some plans require prior authorization or medical authorization forms, which are the patient's responsibility to complete and submit. Dr. Ray can also provide patients with a superbill receipt, upon request, so they can submit to insurance on their own for possible reimbursement. To learn more about using your insurance for naturopathic care, visit here:
  • Are Payment Plans Available?
    Yes! A 3-month payment plan is available for the 3-Month Wellness Reset Program. Also, the annual teleconcierge health plans for returning patients are an affordable monthly membership fee for year round care and support. To learn more, please schedule a Discovery Call or email Dr. Ray.
  • Can I See Dr. Ray If I Already Have Another Doctor?
    Yes! Patients can still see Dr. Ray even if they see another primary-care doctor and/or specialist. Dr. Ray also offers second-opinon consults. Dr. Ray's practice offers a range of services including wellness coaching, medical care, educational content, and intuitive medium services. Patients and clients can choose the healing path that best works for them, because we all have unique needs. Dr. Ray can serve as your primary care doctor (PCP) or adjunct PCP in licensed states (CA, NH). For out-of-state clientele, Dr. Ray can be your health coach and natural wellness educator to teach you how to restore yourself. In her practice, your healing is given a safe space to progress in whichever capacity you need. Let's work together!
  • Does Dr. Ray Prescribe Pharmaceutical Drugs for Treatments?
    As a licensed naturopathic doctor, Dr. Ray can legally prescribe an assortment of pharmaceuticals in California and New Hampshire. However, most patients have their drug medications prescribed and monitored by their insurance healthcare providers. Dr. Ray actively manages patients on pharmaceutical drug therapy and can safely wean them off certain medications as their symptoms resolve from natural treatment. Please note, Dr. Ray never prescribes drugs as a first-line treatment unless absolutely necessary for the safety and well-being of the patient. The goal is to always help patients heal naturally from their ailments using nutrition, herbs, lifestyle management and other non-pharmaceutical therapies as the primary treatments.
  • Which States License Naturopathic Physicians?
    Please note - Dr. Ray, ND MS is a board-certified and licensed in two states, California and New Hampshire. As a licensed ND, Dr. Ray can provide direct primary care services, order labs, make medical diagnoses, and give effective natural and integrated treatments. In the other states, Dr. Ray can offer her services as a medical consultant and health coach, which still gives patients high-quality wellness support and access to functional lab testing. For additional information, please contact Dr. Ray or book a free discovery call here.

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