4 African-Inspired Grounding Practices for the Fall Equinox


Dr. Ray in the Park

Whew y'all! We made it through another Summer. The recent heatwave was brutal, and I don't know how I would have survived those 100F+ days without our A/C. Seriously, thank God the grid didn't go out!

** Take a deep breath...hold........................release. **

Fall is upon us! Today, I walked to the nearby park to pick up some dinner, and while I was waiting on my order I took off my sandals so my feet could ground into the cool, prickly grass as the bright, warm sun reigned on my face and neck. In that moment, a wave of a breeze flushed over me and signaled Fall is very near. (See pic)

The Autumn/Fall Equinox is on Thursday, September 22nd, so this is a good time to start planning how you'd like to honor the seasonal transition. Below are a few nature-centered ideas inspired by African practices to connect to the grounding energy of Fall.

Craft or create art honoring the Autumn season and nature

  • Take a picture of beautiful colors of leaves and frame it to put on your wall.

  • Make a sculpture, knit a garment or paint something that captures the essence of Fall.