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The 3 Most Common Causes that Pollute Your Ori (Crown Chakra) & How To Fix Them

Updated: Jan 29

Today (Sunday) I had planned to record my medical reading for the week, but I woke up tired and disinterested. My Ori felt foggy, like brain fog, and then I remembered eating the best pastries on Saturday from a local spot called The Gingered Peach (BIPOC-woman-owned) in Lawrenceville, NJ. We also went to a dope (exquisite) Mexican (family-owned) corner restaurant called Oaxaqueño. The al pastor burrito had actual pineapple! So yea, all that indulgence has now induced a sugar-gluten-laden brain fog and muscle fatigue. I have food sensitivities, so it's to be expected when I allow these treats in volume. Today, I just needed to chill, heal, and reroute medium mode for another day.

Insider tip: medium mode can highly utilize energy output and requires the medium to feel well-rested and restored to best facilitate communication between realms.

As I was healing myself from the food parade I had, I thought of this article topic to address the common ways we dirty and cloud our Ori (crown chakra/head) from being able to see and think clearly and calmly. And sometimes, a simple Ori cleansing water-prayer ritual needs more support. Consider trying these options the next time you feel brain fog and see how you feel. I would love to hear any feedback.

1.) Wearing A Hat or Head Scarf Repeatedly Without Washing

Clean Hats Support Clean Ori. Many of us wear the same hats and scarves over and over for days or weeks, ha, some even for months! Did you ever consider how wearing a dirty headpiece may also dirty your Ori? Well, it does! The headwear encounters the outdoor elements, floating skin cells, aerosolized viral/bacteria particles, car exhaust, and many other pollutants. When you wear this exposed headwear, your head becomes affected by whatever energy is attached or lingering on the hat.

The FIX: Wash and change out your hats! Wash your hats or scarves after 1 - 2 wears, and switch out frequently to keep the energy fresh and clean. Be careful about wearing other people's headwear without cleansing. You may take on residual Ori energy left behind and it may not be the energetic imprint you want.

2.) Going Weeks or Months without Deep Cleansing Hair

Keep Your Hair & Scalp Clean. Depending on your hair type and scalp quality, you may have to wash your head daily. For others, you may only need to deep cleanse your head every few days or weekly. It's not about the smell or "looking dirty" that's the concern. It's about removing any debris, oils, or pollutants that attach to your hair and scalp throughout the day as you move through different environments. Natural hair oils are a given, but balance is key. The hair can also accumulate energy from everything you encounter from day to day. These accumulated substances and energies can negatively impact the flow of your positive energy and the function of your Ori/brain and third eye.

The FIX: Determine when is the best wash schedule for helping your Ori feel the highest resonation. For me, it's weekly and I'm learning to carve out this nourishing self-care time to nurture my afro-antenna to feel good and make great decisions. I also recommend using all-natural products made with plant-based compounds. The perfumy commercialized brands contain the most poisons and chemicals that can be absorbed into the body from your scalp.

3.) Wearing Uncleanse Wigs/Weave or Communal Pieces

Energy Transfers Through Hair - Real & Synthetic. This one is a biggie that really gets dismissed or forgotten. I learned from one Queen that she blesses and cleanses all her premium wigs. She shared how you never know what energy is attached to the hair, which is true and highlighted so well in the movie, Bad Hair (one of the best horror-noire movies!) And please avoid sharing your hair pieces with others and vice-versa. Again, if you do, make sure that the person is on your vibe and keeps a clean Ori or you may start taking on each other's mental and energetic traits.

The FIX: Bless and cleanse your hair pieces to remove and cut ties from any unwanted or polluted energy. This also removes any chemical contaminants as well. You can pray or say a cleansing protective chant, and then wash in vinegar water or baking soda water, and dry on a clothes rack. An alternative cleansing option is to lightly spritz with Florida Water. I wouldn't recommend saging or using smoke cleansing as this smell can be absorbed by the hair.

Of course, there are other ways Ori energy can be blocked or disrupted, including but not limited to:

  • Alcohol

  • Cannabis Overuse

  • Opiate Medications/Heroin/Cocaine/Meth

  • Living in War or Fear of War

  • High processed food diet

  • Insomnia

  • Reading and watching low-vibrational content

  • Nutritional deficiencies

  • Concussions/Traumatic Brain Injury

  • Hating or projecting hate (even habitual pettiness!)

  • Getting your hair styled by someone with a lot of heavy and chaotic energy. Always be careful whose hands you allow to touch your head/hair.

If there is a sub-topic for Ori support you'd like me to write about or explore in the list above or not listed, let me know -

If you've been suffering from brain fog, poor recall, and inability to focus, please feel free to book a free 30-minute discovery call to speak with me about your concerns. I can help you learn about your options for treatment and cure of your concerns using natural medicine.

Peace & Love,

Dr. Ray


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