What's Dr. Ray's Favorite Herb?

Lavender field. Courtesy Google images

Have you guessed it?!

It's LAVENDER!!!!!! I love lavender!

Some of you might have even visited my office and noticed there is a faint lavender fragrance refreshing the air. Seriously, it's an herb I never tired of both for aesthetics and medicinally.

Why do I love this herb so much? I'll give you 10 reasons why!

1.) Stress-reliever: Mellows you out.

2.) Sedative: Helps you sleep. Create a lavender linen mist to spray on pillow before sleep.

3.) Spasmolytic: Calms cramping and muscle spasms.

4.) Anti-inflammatory: Remember those cooling properties? Well, this herb cools off inflammation making your aches no more! Helps with burns too!

5.) Carminative: That's a fancy word for saying it soothes your tummy gripes and helps minimize gas.

6.) Antidepressant: Who doesn't feel happier after smelling or using lavender? Ok, maybe those rare folks who are allergic or just down right murderers of joy. ;-)

7.) Antimicrobial/antiviral: Next time you have a cut wound or even a cold, try using some lavender to ward off those offending micro-buggies.