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Herbs for Holiday Gatherings & Travel

Tis the season and many Americans will hit the road or air to travel to see loved ones for celebrating holiday traditions. However, the truth is holiday travel and gatherings can be quite stressful or trigger health issues for many as well.

Before you head out for your trip, check out my tips below so you pack helpful natural remedies to ease through this holiday season feeling good like you should!

1.) Do You Get Motion Sickness or Nausea?

Before loading into the car or boarding the plane, bring some ginger or peppermint lozenges to suck on during travel, or keep lemon essential oil on hand to add a few drops to your scarf or handkerchief (yes, remember one of those?) to sniff for relief. These remedies have been proven to curb nausea and stomach upset.

2.) Do You Have Anxiety with Social Events or Get Travel Jitters?

Keep some chamomile tea bags on hand to sip your way out of tension and awkward situations.

Kava Kava tincture (10 - 15 drops, 1 -3 times per day) is a stronger calming remedy but avoid driving or operating heavy machinery as kava can be a powerful sedative, and overdosing can hurt your liver.

3.) Do You Easily Get Sick & Need An Immune Boost?

Andrographis and Astragalus

herbs are a powerful combo against Winter viruses. A tincture blend is your best bet, but be aware of the bitter taste. For a more palatable option, try Viracid by Orthomolecular and take 2 capsules daily for prevention while you make your rounds to grandparents, aunties, cousins, and more.

4.) Indigestion or Belly Bloat from High-Carb Meals:

Skip your holiday alcoholic drink, and instead ask for a few drops of cocktail Bitters in your club soda to drink before you eat. The bitters and carbonated water aid in digestion and reduce overeating.

Or check your cabinet for the star anise spice (a popular ingredient in coquitos) to add to your chamomile tea for extra carminative (gas-relief) support.

5.) If You're Prone to Travel-rated Constipation:

Remember to pack a water bottle to fill up with water and stay hydrated during travel.

Keep a few high-fiber snacks on hand such as Kind Nut Bars, Core Bars, air-popped popcorn, lentil chips, trail mix, and apple slices to name a few, and avoid heavy fast food.

You can also pack some magnesium citrate (I like the Natural Calm Mg Packets) to take after you arrive at your destination which will ease muscle tension and support your gut health.

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Happy Holidays & Safe Travels!

~Dr. Ray


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