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A Dose of Vitamin Ray - Dr. Ray, ND MS

Welcome to A Dose of Vitamin Ray
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Spirit Medicine

Dr. Ray offers her shamanic gifts to help heal your Spirit.

Learn About Our Professional Medical Services.

Dr-Ray: A Dose of Vitamin Ray offers elite primary care that combines the best of both modern and natural medicine to truly personalize care for your unique needs. When you choose Dr. Ray to be your doctor, you're choosing to be seen, heard and respected at the highest level. 

Personalized  Medicine +

As a patient, you receive world-class medical support that caters to you. Dr. Ray gives extra time in visits, health education, curated resources, and natural treatments to help you achieve extraordinary results.

Advanced Functional Lab Testing

Dr. Ray partners with superior independent labs using cutting-edge research to identify the earliest functional biomarkers of disease. Discover imbalances early to prevent illness, or finally get answers when there are gaps in conventional care.

Online Dispensary & Medicinary

Ordering and receiving your medicines are simple, fast and affordable with Dr. Ray's herbal medicinary,

 FullScript,  and our other pharmacy partners. Enjoy discounts, customized formulations, home delivery and more.

Meet Revée "Dr. Ray" Barbour, NS MS - photo of Dr. Ray

Meet Dr. Ray, ND MS

Learn more about Dr. Ray and how she became a naturopathic and functional medicine physician. 

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Do you experience problems with...

  • Digestive Issues

  • Autoimmune & Immunodeficiency

  • Hormone Imbalances

  • Arthritis or Chronic Pain

  • Anxiety & Depression 

  • HPV, Herpes, & Chronic infections

  • Diabetes

  • Chronic Fatigue &  Burnout

  • Hypertension + Heart Disease

  • Nutritional Deficiencies

  • Spiritual + Energy Imbalances

  • Is It Something Else? 

  Ask Us & Learn How Dr. Ray Can Help!

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Discovery Calls are availble Tuesday to Friday w/ Dr. Ray. 

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Ignite Your Inner Healer!
Set Goals. Learn. Heal. 

Dr. Ray's online course is the perfect solution to get your health back on track! Lose weight, increase energy, and start feeling like yourself again in less than 30 days.


This course teaches you the best expert natural wellness tips and customizes an effective daily wellness routine that will heal your mind, body & soul!

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Dr. Ray's exclusive line of merch & herbal wellness products. Made-to-order by Dr. Ray! 

Award-Winning Physician
Dr. Revée Barbour won Best in Sacramento in 2023
Dr Ray ND is a Sacramento Favorites 2023 Winner
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“After several months, I’ve been liberated from all but one of my prescriptions medications. Thanks, Dr. Ray for the best medical assessments, coaching, supplements, and ongoing dynamic care passionately given.  You’re worth every dollar spent and definitely a great doctor!” 


—  Emma

Real Patient Testimonials

Dr. Ray Is A Featured Expert In:

Dr. Ray is a Featured Expert with Sacramento Magazine
Dr. Ray is a Featured Expert with U.S. News & World Report
Dr. Ray is a Featured Expert with mindbodygreen
Dr. Ray is a Featured Expert with Forbes Health
Dr. Ray is a Featured Expert with Eat This, Not That
Dr. Ray is a Featured Expert with The Vitamin Shoppe
Dr. Ray was a Former Brand Partner with Rae Wellness Supplements

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