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Follow the steps below to enroll & start care.

Dr. Ray is Currently Enrolling New Patients

Spring 2023 Program Start Dates:

  • 1st Cohort: April 4, 2023

  • 2nd Cohort: May 2, 2023

  • 3rd Cohort: June 1, 2023

Below are the steps to become a new patient and work with Dr. Ray by enrolling into a membership concierge wellness program. Please note, Dr. Ray only enrolls a limited new patients so she can provide high-level attention and comprehensive care to all her patients. Programs begin at the start of each month or new quarter.

Dr. Ray's Programs & Pricing

New Patients Always Begin with a 3-Month Plan. If additional concierge care is needed after the initial 3-months for chronic or severe illness, Dr. Ray may offer an invitation to extend your membership to 6 months or 12 months.

Return patients also have the option of TeleRay Subscription or A la carte hourly visits.

Complete a Free 30-minute Discovery Call

All new patients are required to first book a discovery call to meet with Dr. Ray to see if her practice and healing approach is a great fit for you. You cannot enroll and purchase a program without first completing this initial consult. Please do not skip this step! 


Choose Your Payment Option

After your discovery call is completed and you're approved for enrollment, you may then submit payment for your wellness program. There are three payment options for the 3-Month Wellness Reset Program:


Receive Access to Patient Portal & Create a Log-in

After payment is submitted, you'll receive access to your Charm PHR patient portal via your email. Use the portal-access email to create a log-in and sign into your account. This portal is where you will complete online forms, make appointments, view lab results, send encrypted messages, view medical record and treatment plans. You can also upload any previous medical records to share in PDF format. 


Complete Online Paperwork & Schedule First Visit

Log into your Charm PHR portal to sign your program contract and waivers, and complete your new patient intake forms. Submit the forms. Then, go to Appointments section in portal to schedule your first appointment within the designated start month. Please select New Patient TeleVisit when requesting your first appointment. 


Receive Access to Online Course & Begin Program

After all terms & conditions are signed and submitted, you will receive an email giving you free access to the Natural Wellness Intensive online course and exclusive Wellness School videos. You may begin using these resources immediately for wellness support.  

Select Your Plan to Begin

Please note, you must FIRST complete a Free Discovery Call with Dr. Ray before purchasing a wellness program. If you purchase without ever having a discovery call, you cannot begin your program until after the call, and there is a $50 handling fee if a refund is requested. 

  • 3-Month Program

    Every month
    Monthly Payment Plan
    Valid for 3 months
    • 3-Month Program Package Benefits
    • This package splits payments into 3 monthly installments
  • 3-Month Program

    Hit the Wellness Reset Button!