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Ready to Become 

a Patient?

Follow the steps below to enroll & start care.

Dr. Ray is Currently Enrolling New Patients

Below are the next steps to become a new patient and work with Dr. Ray.
  • Please note, Dr. Ray accepts a limited number of new patients each month so she can provide high-level attention and comprehensive care to all her patients.

  • New patients can either enroll in a 3-month Concierge Program or purchase a separate New Patient Visit.

Complete a Free 30-minute Discovery Call

All new patients are required to first book a discovery call to meet with Dr. Ray to see if her practice and healing approach is a great fit for you. You cannot become a patient without first completing this initial consult. Please do not skip this step! 


Choose Your Visit & Payment Option

After completing your discovery call and you're ready to begin care, you can choose to purchase one of the options below that best suits your needs (scroll down).


Receive Access to Patient Portal & Create a Log-in

After payment is submitted, you'll receive access to your Charm PHR patient portal via your email. Use the portal-access email to create a log-in and sign into your account. This portal is where you will complete online forms, make appointments, view lab results, send encrypted messages, view medical record and treatment plans. You can also upload any previous medical records to share in PDF format. 


Complete Online Paperwork & Schedule First Visit

Log into your Charm PHR portal to sign your program contract and waivers, and complete your new patient intake forms. Submit the forms. Then, go to the Appointments section in your portal dashboard to schedule your first appointment. Please select "New Patient Intake Visit" when requesting your first appointment through the Charm portal. 


Bonus Access for Concierge Program Members:

Receive Access to the Natural Wellness Online Course

If you sign up for the 3-Month Wellness Reset TeleConcierge Program, you will receive an email giving you free access to Dr. Ray's 5-star rated Natural Wellness Intensive online course and exclusive Wellness School videos. You may begin using these resources immediately for wellness support.  

Select Your Plan to Begin

Please note, you must FIRST complete a Free Discovery Call with Dr. Ray before becoming a new patient. 

If you purchase without ever having a discovery call, you cannot book your visit until after the call.

  • New Patient Televisit

    For new patients with one medical condition or primary concern.
    Valid for one month
    • Comprehensive 1-Hour Intake with Dr. Ray
    • Personalized Treatment Plan
    • Medical record review (Up to 30 pages)
    • Labs not included, but can be requested for additional cost.
  • New Patient Complex Care Televisit

    For new patients with multiple chronic conditions or concerns.
    Valid for one month
    • Comprehensive Multi-Hour Intake with Dr. Ray
    • Personalized Treatment & Lifestyle Plan
    • Medical records review (up to 100 pages)
    • Labs not included, but can be requested for additional cost.
  • Pediatric New Patient Televisit

    Initial intake visit for wellness support or a primary concern (For Ages 0 - 16)
    Valid for one month
    • 45-Minute Video Call with Dr. Ray
    • Developmental Milestone Assessment
    • Personalized Natural Treatment Plan
    • Pediatric Nutritional Support
  • Omọ Rìn - "Baby Steps" Subscription

    Every month
    +$100 Enrollment Fee
    Focused medical support at a pace that meets your healing needs. Available for New & Return Patients
    • Make Small Changes Over Time to Gain BIG Results!
    • Initial 45-minute intake to address your main concern
    • Monthly 30-minute Televisits to ensure you meet your goals
    • Unlimited messaging/emails to Dr. Ray at any time
    • Personalized treatments & lifestyle plans
    • 25% Discount on Online Dispensary Prescriptions
    • Valid for 6 months, then can cancel any time thereafter
  • 3-Month Concierge Program

    Every month
    Monthly Payment Plan
    Valid for 3 months
    • 3-Month Program Package Benefits
    • This package splits payments into 3 monthly installments
  • 3-Month Concierge Program

    Hit the Wellness Reset Button!
    Valid for 3 months
    • Specialty Functional Lab Testing (Two Panels)
    • Initial 2-hour Intake + Two 1-Hour Follow-up Visits
    • Personalized Treatments & Lifestyle Plans
    • Unlimited Wellness Support/Triage Calls
    • Unlimited Messaging/Emails to Dr. Ray
    • Free Access to Natural Wellness Course & Wellness School
    • 25% Online Dispensary Discount
    • 20% off Dr. Ray's Online Shop & Additional Services

Thank you for Choosing Dr. Ray & Welcome!

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