Nourishing Foods for Menses Health

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Sometimes menses cycles get a bad rap because of the various inconvenient symptoms a person can experience throughout the month. What if I told you it may not be your menses that is a problem, but rather, what you’re eating?

In this article, we share some of the best foods to eat during your cycle so you feel well-nourished and balanced. It’s time to sync your diet with your cycle!

The menstrual cycle is divided into two main phases:

Follicular Phase: the first 14 days of your cycle, which includes menstruation (aka Period) and ovulation (egg releases from ovary).

Luteal Phase: the second half of your cycle, which secretes hormones to either prepare your body for pregnancy or start a new menses.

During these two phases, your body experiences a rise and fall of different hormones, which can affect how you feel and cause various changes in your body.

For nourishment during the follicular phase, eat foods with phytoestrogens (plant-compounds similar to estrogen), high protein and fiber, and that are anti-inflammatory to support you during your period and fertile window.

For nourishment during your luteal phase, consume more phytoprogestins (plant-compounds similar to progesterone), omega-3s, and fiber-rich foods to support progesterone production and reduce PMS symptoms.

Below, we review Dr. Ray’s recommended foods for each phase of your cycle so you can feel your best all month long: