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Connecting to Your Best Night's Sleep

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

This article is sponsored by our brand partner, Rae Wellness Supplements.

Prioritizing your sleep not only protects your health, but it also ​improves mindful​ness​ and productiv​ity​ in our daily lives. Connecting to our ​best night's ​sleep helps us to better connect within ourselves for wisdom, intuition, and self-love. This leads to a healthier you​ and stronger contributor for your family, friends and ​greater community.​

Ideally, you should strive for 7-9 hours of good quality sleep each night. For those experiencing chronic stress or a very active lifestyle, you may even need 10-12 hours/night to compensate for the extra strain and rigor. Remember your body is a complex ecosystem, so more sleep might be needed to repair and optimize function after strenuous work or high energy output.

However, sleeplessness is a rising issue among children, teens and adults in recent years, especially since the onset of the pandemic. It's important to identify which triggers or factors are affecting your sleep, and to address the concerns immediately.

Consider the following tips if you're struggling with getting proper sleep:

Establish a calming and relaxing bedtime routine

Try taking a hot shower or bath with lavender aromatherapy followed by stretching or doing yoga nidra before bed.

Limit screen-time 30-minutes to 1-hour before bed

Also enable the blue-light filter mode or wear blue-light eyeglasses while using screen-devices. Artificial​ blue​ light ​stimulates the brain and delays the release of the sleep-promoting melatonin hormone.

​Avoid eating within 2-hours of bedtime

Eating near bedtime will rev up your digestion, which may impact sleep quality. If you are hungry at bedtime and cannot sleep without a snack, then try drinking a glass of warmed oat-milk and eat half a banana for a little serotonin support to calm your body for bed.

Need ​more ​help getting to sleep?

For mood-related sleeplessness:

For stress-related sleeplessness:

Looking for energy support after a terrible night's sleep​?

If you continue to experience insomnia despite the recommendations, then please consult with your doctor to determine if there are other underlying causes impacting your sleep. If no major medical causes are identified, then try working with a naturopathic doctor or acupuncturist for more natural sleep solutions.


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