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Activate The Right Support Systems (Muscles): January 14 - 20th

Intro to my Medical Mediumship:

Each week, I pull cards to obtain clear messages ("tarotscope") for the collective regarding which area of our health to address and heal.

As we learn which organ systems to support each week, we will also review spiritual guidance and ancestral wisdom on how to best support our healing using natural medicines.

Weekly Reading:

In this week's video (January 14 - 20th, 2024), I pulled the Muscles card (Judgement), which highlights your support-systems and ability to make wise decisions. Make sure you're trusting the right person (people) who support your Highest Good/Goal and can help you obtain the New Opportunity/Beginning/Rebirth that you seek.

Watch my video to learn more about this week's themes:

1.) Take care of your muscles and they will help you see who truly supports you.

2.) Activate your power of discernment and 3rd eye to find success.

3.) The power of Duality and creating ease through Flow.

Below are some of my best strategies for supporting your muscles and healthy mobility.

Best Natural Support for Muscles:

  • Exercise - Honor where you're at. Don't overdo it.

  • Collagen Powder (Type 1 & 3) - 20 grams daily in the form of peptides

  • Vitamin C - fruits like citrus, berries, kiwi, tomato, etc., or 1,000mg Buffered Vitamin C capsule)

  • High Protein Foods - 3 -4 oz high quality, certified humane, grass-fed bison, beef, lamb, elk, etc. Organic heritage poultry or wild poultry. Legumes, nuts, seeds, soy.

Quick Ways to Boost Iwa Ju (E-wah Joo--Ajna/Third Eye Chakra):

  • Visualization

  • Creative Artistic Activities

  • Crystal Therapy - Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst

  • Lavender and mugwort baths


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