Breathe into Fall: The Season of the Lung

Autumn leaves

The leaves are changing and the air is becoming crisp. Fall is here!

As the days become shorter, there are more hours of darkness. We spend more time indoors as the cold sets.

We experience a loss of warmth and light from Summer's end.

During this time of year, some of us may feel reserved or solemn. There is even a diagnosis for this change of emotions with the seasons, Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.), in which, some display sadness and grief for the loss of Spring and Summer.

Autumn also marks the forthcoming of cold and flu season. Sure, we are indoors more than usual during the colder seasons, but I think our tendency for respiratory illness this time year goes deeper than the obvious.

Meridian Pathways

Let's revisit the basics. Our bodies are made of energy. In the traditions and beliefs of Chinese medicine, the Autumn season represents the peak of Lung energy. Not necessarily the lung organ, but rather, the essence or Qi (pronounced chi) of the Lung. Qi or life energy flows through the body via energy highways called meridians. Blockage of our energy flow, especially during peak seasonal times, can contribute to the manifestation of imbalance and disease (or diss-ease).