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This viral-busting, antibacterial blend of potent herbs is your new on-the-go companion to Level-Up your immune system to fight against colds, flu, infections & more! 


Packaged in a convenient travel 2oz size, use this spray during travel, social events or to nip that throat tickle in the bud. The pleasant taste and soothing effects will help you to enjoy immune support when it's needed most!


Small-batch formulated and exclusively hand-crafted by Dr. Ray. Made with 100% Organic, Gluten free, Vegan, and Preservative-free all natural ingredients.


This product is a tincture formula that contains alcohol, and is not recommended for anyone recovering from alcohol substance abuse.

Level-Up Immune Tincture Spray

$22.00 Regular Price
$18.70Sale Price
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  • Please note, this tincture spray is prepared by Dr. Ray under sanitized conditions and handling.  

    Please review ingredients list prior to purchase to ensure you're not allergic:

    Astragalus root, Elderberry, Ginger root, Licorice Root, Mullein Leaf, Schisandra Berry

    Please Read The Fine Print:

    All sales are final. Returns are not permitted. 

    Only the 2oz tincture bottle is available for purchase. 

    Tincture is available to ship directly to your home. Please allow up to 3-5 business days for order to ship out. There is a shipping/handling fee. 

    Please consult with your doctor or a medical provider prior to starting any supplements or herbs. Dr. Ray is not liable for any allergic or adverse reactions as this is a risk when you purchase any product for use. 

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