Dear Patient:

There is an exciting new way of funding your naturopathic care, treatments and supplements through eFundYourHealth.org. I am extremely happy to share with you that I am now a Referring Practitioner with eFundYourHealth.org. This is the only matching crowdfunding solution that expands complementary and alternative medical (CAM) funding to all patients regardless of income so that you can get the CAM treatments you need that are not covered by insurance.

Patient’s EASY STEPS

  • Get Referred by Dr. Ray. (Must be an established or new patient planning to see Dr. Ray. Will need to receive referral code directly from Dr. Ray)

  • Start a Campaign” (https://efundyourhealth.org/patients/?ref=DrRayND)

  • Start crowdfunding for your CAM - Receive your grant from eFundYourHealth’s corporate donors . To receive this your campaign needs to have at least five unique donors and equal the amount of the grant. Refer to the homepage on efundyourhealth.org to see the grant amount currently being offered!

  • Receive your debit card and meet with Dr. Ray.

  • FAQs

  • Campaign "How to" PDF


Thank you,