Dr. Ray's Office & Contact:


5025 J Street, Ste.#205

Sacramento, California 95819

Ph: (916) 678-0173

Fax: (916) 415-1979

Email: Ray@DrRayND.com

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 What Patients Say About Dr. Ray

I heard Dr. Ray speaking on “Helping Your Body To Heal Itself Naturally” and I decided to challenge that. I established an agreement with my primary care physician to network with me and Dr. Ray on my quest to be prescription drugs free. This was nine months ago and today I’ve been liberated from all but one of my prescriptions medications.  And with Dr. Ray’s ongoing coaching, soon that prescription will be history too…thank God!  I’m naturally controlling my blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure and feel amazing!  My primary care doctor is pleasantly surprised and gave Kudos to me and Dr. Ray.  Thanks Dr. Ray for the best medical assessments, coaching, supplements and ongoing dynamic care passionately given.  You’re worth every dollar spent and definitely a great doctor!