See What Patients Say About Dr. Ray


After several months, I’ve been liberated from all but one of my prescriptions medications.   Thanks Dr. Ray for the best medical assessments, coaching, supplements and ongoing dynamic care passionately given.  You’re worth every dollar spent and definitely a great doctor! 


Dr. Ray, I was so pleased with our visit. You were very knowledgeable, pleasant and informative. I could go on and on with accolades.

Thank you so much.



Dr Ray is knowledgable, respectful, sincere, and thorough. I'm glad I found her. She is the first doctor who gave me hope that I can be healed naturally once and for all.


Dr. Ray knew what to look for and found reasons for my health problems that my medical doctors had missed!


She's there for all your concerns. Really listens and truly cares about you and your health. Very organized and on top of everything. So far been life changing for me.


I am overweight and was stricken with several health issues. Dr. Ray was very impressive in making me understand the causes of my ailments and created a plan of action that's restoring my health.


She's a great doctor. Very knowledgeable. I love that she is passionate about her work and your health as a client. I look forward to our appointments.


Dr. Ray is very knowledgeable, caring, patient and organized. She keeps up to date with all the new information coming out in the world of health. We feel blessed we have found her.


Dr Ray is very important to me . She has the information which is very much needed to heal an illness not just medicine that make your body dependent on it. I believe Dr Ray takes me back to how it should be to where our body heals itself through natural medicine. She is extremely knowledgeable in providing natural ways for your specific illness. I waited to long to go to her. Try her you will be amazed.


Dr. Ray was a good listener and took the time to read my documentation before my first appointment. She understands my health goals. I was impressed with the comprehensiveness of the labs she ordered and how she deftly wove together my treatment plan. I trust her and am comfortable with her.


Dr. Ray has all the things one hopes for when experiencing challenging health: she listens, she teaches, and she helps. I am so grateful for her wholistic care, and for her getting me down the correct path to health. Thank you Dr. Ray.


Dr. Ray is a compassionate and knowledgeable guide to take on your natural healing journey! Even amidst the most resistant chronic symptoms, she shows no sign of giving up or resorting to band-aids. She is full of energy and light to keep your spirits high! I love that she also offers telemedicine because I travel all the time, it's nice to be able to see her wherever I am! Highly recommend!