Revée "Dr. Ray" Barbour's Office:

5025 J Street, Ste.#205

Sacramento, California 95819

Ph: (916) 678-0173

Fax: (916) 415-1979


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Appointment Types

Free Phone Consult

Dr. Ray offers free 15-minute phone consults to help potential patients discover if she is the right doctor for you. Discuss your health concerns, goals, and learn more how Dr. Ray can support you.

Meet Dr. Ray at her East Sacramento location in

East Jay Building. 


Available Tuesdays - Thursdays


 Virtual phone or video-call consults with Dr. Ray. Great for long distance patients or traveling.  


Available Tuesdays - Thursdays


New Patient Visit: $300 (60 min.)

Follow-up Virtual Visits:

  • 60-minute call= $199

  • 45-minute call= $149

  • 30-minute call= $99

Home Visit

Dr. Ray will come consult and nurture you back to health in the comfort of your own home.


Only available by special request

Price varies depending on patient location. Schedule a 15-minute phone call with Dr. Ray to learn more.

New Patient Visit: $300 (75-90 min.)

-Child (age 0-6yrs): $250 (60 min.)


Follow-up Office Visits:

  • 60-Minute Visit= $199 

  • 45-minute visit= $149

  • 30-minute visit= $99

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Office Visit

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