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If you're interested in becoming a new patient and want to learn more, please book a Free Discovery Call with Dr. Ray to pre-qualify for our membership programs.

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Please Note the Following Prior to Booking A Discovery Call: 

  • New patients must purchase a wellness program first before they can book office or telemedicine appointments. You cannot book the hourly rate; that is for return patients only.

  • The wellness programs are a significant investment and financial flexibility is a requirement prior to booking a discovery call. 

  • Dr. Ray is a cash-based practice and is not contracted with health insurances. We do not accept Medicare or Medicaid. 

  • Schedule a Free Discovery Call below to learn more about our programs and pricing. 

  • Interest-Free payment plans are available. Ask for details during your call!

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For New Prospective Patients Only

Book your free 20-minute phone call with Dr. Ray to share your health concerns/goals and learn how she can help you achieve transformative results.

Dr. Ray shares her background, clinical approach, and details about enrolling into one of her concierge medical programs.

*Please note, Dr. Ray's medical programs are not insurance or an alternative to healthcare coverage. These are elective primary care medical services.




All-inclusive Primary Care

Our medical programs are all-inclusive, customizable, executive-level medical care exclusively offered by Dr. Ray as integrated-naturopathic primary care.


Dr. Ray partners with you to deep-dive into root causes of disease/imbalance stopping you from self-healing and complete resolution of symptoms. 

All new patients must enroll into one of the wellness programs to begin care with Dr. Ray.

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For Current Patients Seeking Follow-up Services

If you are a returning patient who was previously seen for medical care by Dr. Ray, then you are elgible to continue care with Dr. Ray under the hourly visit rate. 

Return patients are welcome to book a Non-Concierge Follow-up Visit for the rate of $499/hour. You may request labs prior to follow-up visit. 

Please email Dr. Ray for advisement on how to proceed. 

Please note, if you have any issues with the online scheduler, email Dr. Ray directly at providing your full name, date of birth (mm/dd/yy), phone number, availability, and appointment type you're requesting. Thank you!