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If you're interested in becoming a new patient, please book a Free Discovery Call here with Dr. Ray to pre-qualify for our membership programs.



All-inclusive Primary Care

Our medical programs are all-inclusive, customizable, executive-level medical care exclusively offered by Dr. Ray as integrated-naturopathic primary care.


Dr. Ray partners with you to deep-dive into root causes of disease/imbalance stopping you from self-healing and complete resolution of symptoms. 

All new patients must enroll into one of the wellness programs to begin care with Dr. Ray.

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For Current Patients Seeking Follow-up Services

If you were previously seen for medical care by Dr. Ray, then you are eligible to continue care with Dr. Ray under the hourly visit rate. 

Return patients are welcome to book a Non-Concierge Follow-up Visit for the rate of $399/hour.

You may request labs prior to your follow-up visit for additional costs.

Click here to request appointment via your CharmPHR portal and Dr. Ray will bill & confirm the visit.

If you have any issues with booking in your patient portal, email Dr. Ray directly at Only active patients with Charm portal access can login to book concierge visits and return follow-ups. 

Create Your Own Self-Healing Natural Wellness Plan

Dr. Ray's new online course is the perfect starting point to jump start your healing journey. In 30 days, you will learn the necessary natural wellness tools and education to create a personalized daily wellness regimen, restore balance, & amplify your self-healing abilities.